Aadhar card update name, address, DOB, mobile number, photo link

Aadhar card update name, address, DOB, mobile number, photo and other details with the full process can be checked from this page. Aadhar card is a special identity card issued by the Indian government which can also be used as address. The 12-digit number on the Aadhar card is also called a unique identification number. Aadhar card gets a special status in India as proof of identity. The information recorded on it is often misprinted; the means to rectify this are mentioned in the article below. To correct or update all information on the Aadhar map, this was gradually explained. You can update your Aadhar card according to the information below.

Aadhar Map Update

You will find money in the article to download Aadhar Card Update Form 2021 . Some information on the Aadhar map can also be updated at home. For this you need to go to the official website of UIDAI. On the official website you get the option to update most of your information. It is necessary to periodically update the Aadhar card so that it can be used as your identity.

You can also visit your nearest Aadhar center to get the information on the Aadhar map updated. To get the information updated in it, you must submit the form according to your requirement at the Aadhar Center. To get the information like cell phone number and address updated, you need to visit the nearest Aadhar center. We’ll tell you below how you can update the Aadhar card for each of your information.

aadhar card update dob name address

Aadhar Map Update Online

Now you can update your Aadhar card online; for this you need to go to the official website of UIDAI and select the option according to your search. You do not have to go to the center of Aadhar to get your Aadhar card updated, because now Aadhar card can be updated online. For this, you are given some easy steps below.

  1. Go to the website https://uidai.gov.in/ and select the option according to your search.
  2. Now select the link for the information you want to update.
  3. Submit valid proof as pdf to update information.
  4. Verify your mobile number using OTP.
  5. Fill in the given captcha and submit the information.
  6. Now your information will be updated online on the Aadhar map.

Aadhar Card Address Update

To update the new address in your Aadhar card, follow the steps below. To change the address of Aadhar card, go to your nearest Aadhar center and submit your form according to the steps below. We give you the complete method to change the address in the article below.

  1. Go to your nearest Aadhar center and ask for the Aadhar card address change form from the official sitting there.
  2. After taking the form, enter the information in it, such as your new address, cell phone number, etc.
  3. Now submit this form to the officer.
  4. Your verification will be done before the officer updates your information.
  5. Through this verification you will be checked to see if you are the owner of this Aadhar number.
  6. After verification, you will be asked for your new proof of address.
  7. Prove your permanent address to the officer.
  8. Now the officer will update your information and give you the slip.
  9. The address on your Aadhar card will be updated in due course. You can then download it online or offline.

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Aadhar Card Name Update

You can only change your name once on the Aadhar card. To do this, you must submit the form by going to your nearest Aadhar center. To change the Aadhar card name, you need to ask for the form of the officer sitting at the Aadhar Center. In this form you should follow the procedure below. All the information on what Aadhar card update documents are required is given to you in the next article.

  1. For the Aadhar card update name form, go to your nearest base center.
  2. If you take the form of the officer sitting here, you must fill in your Aadhar number, name, father’s name and other information.
  3. In the next column, enter the correct name or the name you want to change.
  4. Now you have to submit your form to the officer.
  5. To verify your name, some important documents must be submitted, such as an application witnessed by sarpanch, an identification ID, etc.,
  6. The officer will verify and update your name based on the form you provided.
  7. You will have to pay a service fee of Rs 50 after the work is completed.
  8. Now that your name has been updated, you’ll have online and offline options to download it.

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Aadhar Card Date of Birth Update

Now you can only change your date of birth once on the Aadhar card. For this you need to know it at the nearest base center. After taking the form of the Aadhar Center Officer, you must enter the required information in order to be identified. Once you have been identified, you will need to provide some documents from which your DOB can be verified. Other information is given below according to the step.

  1. To get Aadhar Card DOB updated, go to the Aadhar Center in your district.
  2. You must provide some of your information in the form provided by the Aadhar Center Officer.
  3. In this information you need to enter your Aadhar number, Aadhar’s existing name, address and the DOB you want to register.
  4. Now some documents will be asked by the officer to verify your date of birth.
  5. Aadhar Card DOB Update Documents: – Any document containing your date of birth such as 10th grade badge, PAN card, ration card, passport, etc.
  6. Once the document is verified, your DOB will be changed.
  7. For this you have to pay a fee of Rs 50 at the Aadhar Center.

Updating Aadhar Card Cell Phone Number

To pair your bank account with the Aadhar card, complete the process by calling OTP on your phone. If you have disabled or changed your cell phone number, you may experience problems with it. For all other tasks you need to get your Aadhar card update number. To do this, you will be informed in the step below that you can have your Aadhar card done by means of an update document for mobile phone numbers.

  1. To get Aadhar Card Mobile Number Change, you need to go to the Aadhar Card Center in your Tehsil.
  2. You can search for this by typing Aadhar Kendra Near Me into Google.
  3. After visiting the Aadhar Center, you must complete the Adhar update form by completing it.
  4. Important information requested must be entered in it.
  5. The new mobile number must be submitted instead of the old number.
  6. You will now receive a slip after the officer has updated the number.
  7. For this whole process you have to pay a fee of Rs 50 to the officer.
  8. Your Aadhar card mobile number will be updated shortly.
  9. Once the Aadhar mobile number has been updated, you do not need to download Aadhar again.

Aadhar Map Photo Update

To understand the process of updating Aadhar map photos, you need to read the steps below properly. To get the photo updated, go to the Aadhar Center and fill out the form. You must pay a fee of 50 rupees before your latest photo can be updated by the officer. You must submit your Aadhar Map Photo Update Form by completing the method below.

  1. Visit your nearest Aadhar center to get a photo update of the adhar card.
  2. If you are taking the form from the Aadhar Center, you must submit the photo along with the necessary documents.
  3. After verification of your identity by the officer, the photo will be updated by computer.
  4. Once the Aadhar card photo has been updated, you will need to remove your Aadhar card again.
  5. For this you have to pay a fee of Rs 50 to the officer.
  6. You should go beyond the nearest Aadhar center for more information.

Aadhar Card Biometric Update

To complete the update of the Aadhar fingerprint update, you need to update your biometric data by going to your nearest Aadhar center. The easiest way to do this is told according to the step below. At present, almost every job is done by means of biometric verification. If your finger or eye area data has been entered incorrectly, you can get it updated.

  1. To obtain the biometric update form of the Aadhar Card, go to the nearest base center and speak to the officer.
  2. Enter your information in the form provided by the officer and submit the form with some necessary documents.
  3. You will need a fingerprint after the official has provided ID.
  4. Now you have to pay your Aadhar card’s biometric update fee, which is only 50 rupees.
  5. Now your finger and retina will be scanned and replaced with the biometric data in your Aadhar card.
  6. After some time, you can use your biometric impression for your normal tasks.

Aadhar Card -Email -ID-Registration

If you did not register your e-mail ID on your Aadhar card, you will need to register soon. Email is useful in many places in our lives. Many times you can get the required email status to verify some documents. To get the Aadhar card email ID updated, you need to go to the official UIDAI website from your mobile phone. Other information will be communicated to you according to the step below.

  1. Visit UIDAI’s official website https://uidai.gov.in/.
  2. Click on the Aadhar card email ID registration online link from the options given here.
  3. Now enter your Aadhar card number in the blank space and click on continew.
  4. Read the OTP on the registered cell phone number and enter it in the blank space.
  5. Submit your email ID now by submitting it in the space provided on the next page.
  6. Your email ID Aadhar card will be updated soon.

Aadhar Card Update Status

To know the status of the online and offline Aadhar updates you do, you need to go to the official website from your phone. After visiting the site, you will see many status updates of the Aadhar map update. You can now choose from these given links according to your search. After clicking on the link, enter your Aadhar card number.

aadhar card status check

OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number as soon as you enter the number. Enter this OTP in the space provided and continue. After OTP authentication, your Aadhar card update status is displayed online according to your search. If your Aadhar application has been denied, you will need to re-apply. For more information, you can read the article on our homepage. You can write your questions in the comment box below.


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