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AP Intermediate Exam postponed - Final decision - Students relieved

AP Intermediate Exam postponed – Final decision – Students relieved. The board has postponed AP Inter exams, check out the full news here.

The AP midterm exam in Andhra Pradesh starts on 5 May. Today, where the corona is spreading across the country, it is not free to conduct an investigation out of danger. An appeal has been filed in the High Court for deferred AP interim examination.

AP midterm exam postponed

If you would also like the exam to be canceled, please comment in the comments box below. According to the AP council, all the preparations for the examination have been made, so that the examination does not have to be canceled. The government of Andhra Pradesh has appealed to the Supreme Court to cancel the examination, which may be heard soon.

The petition filed with the Supreme Court to postpone the investigation, referring to the corona epidemic, said the investigation should be canceled.

If the exam is canceled in Andhra Pradesh, as in other countries in the country, it is currently considered good. The AP Intermediate Examination is written this year as well as every year.

The Supreme Court has not yet canceled the investigation. The government is doing everything possible to protect its students from Corona.

ap intermediate exam postponed

You can also take a few steps to cancel the exam. To do this, you need to appeal to the corona epidemic by going to the comment box on the official website.

The council can change its decision with your appeal and the AP intermediate examination can be canceled.

AP council released the first and second year’s hall ticket on the official portal. You can download the same from the links below.

How can the AP Intermediate Exam be canceled?

The AP Interim Examination can only be postponed or canceled by the High Court. The government or other institutions will have to appeal for this.

In the petition given in the high court, with reference to the coronavirus, it was said that the government wants to cancel the interim examination of the AP.

This study may be canceled due to the increasing number of coronavirus patients. After the examination has been canceled, it will be decided that the examination will be postponed or passed on the basis of assessment numbers to all candidates without writing the examination.

In the appeal lodged in the High Court, it was clearly written that if the investigation is carried out, it should be considered as a major error of the Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Board.

The government sees the deteriorating condition of Corona in the country, and takes a strong stand on this. Article 144 has been implemented in many places in the state to prevent the corona from spreading further.

AP Intermediate Exam canceled or not?

Several social organizations working in Andhra Pradesh have demanded that the government and the Supreme Court cancel the AP interim examination.

The exam has not yet been canceled. The petition filed with the Supreme Court for the cancellation of the investigation called for the investigation to be canceled regarding the corona epidemic. In view of the increasing corona infection in the country, the investigation may be canceled.

The petition filed with the Supreme Court may be heard soon. Only after the Supreme Court order can a decision be made to cancel the examination. According to the appeal filed with the court, the investigation into this epidemic is to promote disease.

The appeal to the High Court said that there would be a flood of Corona in Andhra Pradesh if the investigation is carried out. In view of the increasing data from Corona, the investigation is being considered for cancellation.

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