Apple iPhone 13 Release Date, Time, Price, Specifications, and Discussion

Apple iPhone 13 launch date, time, price, specifications and booking details are here. Get iPhone 13’s release date and booking process here. A new generation of Apple iPhones will be released soon. The company has always launched an iPhone in September, except last year when it was delayed. As a result, the iPhone 13 is expected to launch in September.

Apple iPhone 13 Release Date

Most of the information regarding the upcoming iPhones has been revealed in leaks and rumors. According to leaks, Apple’s iPhone 13 series will be priced in the same way as the iPhone 12 series. Yet a new leak has revealed something unexpected for Apple fans.

Next month, Apple is expected to release iPhone 13. The hardware that can be connected to LEO satellites is expected to be available in the upcoming series. A possible benefit of this is that iPhone 13 users can make calls without needing a mobile connection, even if they were on 4G or 5G. The iPhone 13 is expected to pack a custom Qualcomm X60 baseband chip. Communication via satellite will be made possible by this chip.

apple iphone 13 launch date

iPhone 13 Release Date

Apple’s iPhone 13 is likely to be announced in September 2021. Currently, it is still unclear when the iPhone 13 will launch.

Our prediction is that the next iPhone will be announced on September 14, 2021.

Apple iPhone 13 Prize

Apple has received a notification from TSMC to increase the price of its iPhone. The chip provider that Apple relies on the most, Apple has warned that production costs are rising.

Price increases for 7nm process technologies will amount to 5%, and prices for ‘mature process technologies’ will amount to 20%. So we may not see the same prices for the iPhone 13 series as the iPhone 12.

In response to the TSMC price increase, Apple may increase the price of the iPhone 13 series. The current belief is that Apple is likely to increase its prices for the upcoming iPhone and other products.

Apple iPhone 13 Specifications

Compared to the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 series is expected to look similar. However, there are some differences that leak and rumors have repeatedly mentioned.

It seems like two of the cheaper phones have diagonal lenses. However, this is usually more or less the same as last year.


iPhone 13 products are expected to have the same screen sizes and resolutions. There has been intense speculation that the iPhone 13 Pro and Max will get 120 Hz refresh rates.

These screens therefore produce a smoother image than previous iPhone models. On top of that, we expect every phone to always have a screen.


iPhone 13 series cameras are expected to see some changes from Apple. A new ultra-wide camera can also be offered in both Pro devices.

It is also possible that the iPhone 13 Pro will undergo a telephoto camera upgrade. According to some leaks, LiDAR may also be present on all four iPhone models.

Therefore, you have a better sense of depth. There will also be a new portrait shooting mode in video recording software.


The 2021 smartphones are likely to have a larger battery if the big iPhone 13 leak is correct. It will probably be significantly larger.

It is expected to have a 3,095mAh battery in the iPhone 13, compared to the 2,805mAh battery in the iPhone 12. So you can expect longer battery life from the iPhone 13.

Slide Set

It is likely that each device will be powered by an A15 chipset. However, we have yet to discover how powerful it will be.

The first 1TB iPhone is expected to be released by Apple in 2021 as well. So we will be able to have the biggest iPhones ever.


With this generation of Apple devices, it looks like the notch will change. The chance of it shrinking is much greater than having the same size.

A smaller notch would therefore be expected. There are also reports that the Face ID sensor has shrunk, which would pave the way for a smaller notch.

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Touch ID / Face ID

One leak suggests that Apple may eventually release fingerprint scanners under the screen. This technology is already present in most Android smartphones.

There’s no doubt that Apple will follow up on this leak. This topic has been raised more than once in the past few months. Apple seems to see this as an alternative to Face ID.

Touch ID below the screen may not be available on Apple iPhones. Apple rather plans to use Face ID under the screen. However, it is unlikely that it will be ready before the upcoming iPhone 13 release.

The iPhone 13 may be ready with a form of face recognition that detects masks and foggy glasses. It is presumably being tested by Apple.

Meanwhile, a leak of iOS 15 indicates that Apple will provide dual biometric authentication in its next major software update.

Only devices with Touch ID and Face ID can implement this feature. The chances of that happening are slim.


The size of the phones is unlikely to change. Leaks indicate five models, each with an identical screen size as the iPhone 12.

However, it should be noted that the dimensions may differ slightly. Speculation is that the iPhone 13 and the Pro version will have a thickness of 7.57 mm.

It increases the thickness by 0.17 mm compared to their predecessors. In a previous report it is estimated that the body thickness varies only 0.1 mm. Yet a slight change sounds likely.


For the iPhone 13 series, we expect a mix of new and old colors. According to leaks, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max can be released in black, silver rose gold and sunset gold.

Although the rumors that it is pink and orange, the source is not reliable. The other leak indicates that orange has not progressed beyond the prototype stage.

Several reports have also suggested that Apple may release a matte black iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. There is a chance that it is a reworked version of the graphite iPhone 12 Pro, but much darker and more expensive.

Final words

September 14 is probably the day for the launch of the iPhone 13 series. Apple expects to start taking pre-orders on September 17th. About four models will be released by Apple as soon as possible.

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