Assam E Pass - Corona Pass for Lockdown, Track Status, Helpline

Assam E Pass – Corona Pass for lock, track status, helpline details are here. Get Assam ePass to travel on the official Curfew and Lockdown website. As we all know, our country has been in the midst of the Covid -19 pandemic since last year, and it has wreaked havoc in our lives. The Covid -19 pandemic first broke out in Wuhan, China, causing a disaster there. Due to strict lock-in measures, the country finally won the victory against the virus.

Assam E Pass for Covid

The first case in India was recorded in December 2019 in Kerala. In March 2020, however, the government announces a full 21-day closure to limit distribution. As the days passed, the restriction continued to increase, but somewhere in June, the country began to open up in phases. Initially, the doctors were not aware of how to treat these patients, such a restriction was necessary as the doctors would have time to prepare for the necessary.

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But since our country is in the second wave, which is more deadly and affecting the younger population compared to the first wave, the government had no option but to impose a lock-up again. This time, the pressure on doctors and hospitals has increased drastically as patients do not get beds and due to lack of oxygen some lose their lives.

Assam Corona Pass for Travel

The government has not succeeded in dealing with the situation, but as they say, we are responsible for our actions, so we must take full precautions and only step out if necessary. We must follow all the norms like social distance, wear a mask and wash our hands regularly and support the government in every possible way. We as a country are facing a terrible time and it is our responsibility to help each other in every possible way.

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Nobody thought that a small virus like this could cause a major disaster. The biggest impact is that it has lost lives and jobs. This has had a huge impact on the economy. As we all know it is spread by people, the state government has announced a closure because it is the only possible way to limit the transfer.

During the restriction, the transport of essential services was only allowed, so that people do not panic. An Assam Corona e-pass is required for those wishing to travel during the restraint. It will be given to the health workers and those responsible for essential services. Following is the process of issuing an email. Follow all the mentioned guidelines and stay safe.

Procedure for applying for Assam E Pass

  • Visit this official website of the state, ie
  • After clicking on the link, the person is redirected to the application form.
  • It is mandatory to fill in all the fields, especially those marked with *, and press send.
  • After pressing the send button, the form will be submitted and you will see a preview of the information you have filled out.
  • After checking the details and making sure they are correct, click the “Attach Attachment” button to submit the relevant documents. A window will appear where you can submit the documents.
  • To save the documents you attached, click the “Save Attachment” button. After clicking on it, the form is saved with the documents and a preview tab opens which displays your details along with the additional information, the annexure list with the documents you have uploaded.
  • For the last submission and to get your acknowledgment page, click the Submit button.
  • At the end, the individual receives an SMS and an e-mail on the registered cell phone number and e-mail ID about the status of your application.

The government has also issued WhatsApp numbers in case of emergency, where people can apply for the email if they are unable to do so online.

If the pass is granted, it can be used by citizens for travel between states. The three numbers are 8638112297/7002546684/6901462595 where the people are supposed to send their details via whatsapp.

As we all know, lockdown is the only measure that can be taken to curb the second wave of the deadly pandemic.


We therefore set out the procedure for obtaining an online pass in Assam during the restriction. We all know that during this time we can not get out of our homes, but the only purpose to get out of the house was to buy groceries and other essential services like medicine.

To ensure that the citizens of Assam do not experience any problems during the shutdown, the government has issued an e-pass to the people responsible for essential services so that the state does not experience any problems.

We all know that it is a deadly virus, and if we look at the medical infrastructure in our country, and because of the seriousness of the situation and a shortage of medicine, vaccination and oxygen, it is better to not unnecessarily step out and take good care of ourselves. Stay home, stay safe. I hope this is helpful.

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