Covid Orphans Scheme Online Applicable - Government Schedule Details

Covid Orphans scheme apply online – government details can be checked from here. Get Corona Orphans scheme from here. So far, hundreds of people have lost their lives due to corona in the country. The government is doing everything possible to deal with the corona epidemic and to compensate for the loss of lives and property as a result.

Many states in the country have started the Covid Orphanage Scheme at their own level for the orphaned children due to the spread of the Corona epidemic in the country. Through this scheme, financial assistance will also be provided to Corona Orphans, as well as many government facilities. Madhya Pradesh was the first to announce this scheme on 13 May 2021. The Madhya Pradesh government started this scheme in the name of CM Covid-19 Bal Kalyan Yojana.

Covid Orphans Scheme

This scheme provides financial assistance to children orphaned by Corona. Many states have announced this scheme. The Prime Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, first implemented this scheme.

covid orphans scheme

This Covid Orphans scheme was started for the permanent residents of Madhya Pradesh who died as a result of corona and his orphans. Under this scheme, the Madhya Pradesh government will provide Rs 5000 per month to the Corona orphans in their state. The government immediately implemented this scheme, saying that no covid orphan in the state would experience financial difficulties.

Children who lost their parents during the corona pandemic will be helped to continue their studies through these Corona Orphans. The government will fulfill the full responsibility of educating the Covid Orphans child through its plan. To all the families who have lost their parents or earners, they will benefit from this scheme. All of these children receive adequate education through government and private schools.

Corona Orphans Scheme Apply Online

According to official figures from the Madhya Pradesh government, 1,200 children have lost their parents to corona. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Prime Minister of Madhya Pradesh, said during a press conference that the benefit of this scheme should be granted if he loses his parents or earner in the house due to Corona. Shortly after the statement, some other facts of this scheme were put forward in which it is stated that there are some rules for the application of the Corona Orphans Scheme. According to these rules, the children who lost both their parents due to corona will enjoy the benefit of this scheme.

The application form for Covid Orphans has not yet been released. It is expected that the Madhya Pradesh government will soon issue an easy way to apply for this scheme. Like Madhya Pradesh, many other states have started the Corona Orphans Scheme on their own level. One of these plans was started by the government of Maharashtra. Read the full article for information on the scheme launched by the Maharashtra government.

Political Corona Orphen Scheme

AP Covid Orphen Scheme

AP government has announced that children under the age of 18 who have been orphaned by the Corona virus will receive 10 Lakh in the form of a fixed deposit.


Children under the age of 18 who are orphaned in Kerala receive 3 Lakh as lump sum and 2000 INR per month until they reach 18 years of age.


5 Lakh Fixed deposit for minors that will be given to them when they turn 18. R3 000 is also assisted monthly by the guardian until the children turn 18.


Corona Orphaned Child receives free training in all state institutions and Rs 1500 is provided every month for up to 21 years as assistance.

Uttar Pradesh

The government will take responsibility for the orphan and a special task force will be set up to manage it.

New Delhi

The government will Rs. 2500 per month to the orphan up to the age of 25. A committee is also set up to investigate the problems the child is facing.


Each district in the state receives Rs 10 Lakh for the care of orphans from Covid-19.


Under the “Mahtari Dular Yojana”, the government will pay the expenses of orphans. Orphans from classes 1-8 receive 500 INR a month as a grant and students from 9-12 classes receive Rs 1000 as a grant.

Himachal Pradesh

All minors receive Rs. 2500 monthly assistance until they turn 18.


The government has introduced helpline numbers for the foster families of Corona Orphans. These helpline numbers are 181, WhatsApp number 8789833434, cell phone numbers 9955588871 and 8789370474.


The state has released the helpline number for these children. You can call 1098 for assistance.

Madhya Pradesh

The children orphaned by Corona receive Rs 5000 per month. The government will also provide free rations and education.


Under the “Palanhaar Yojana”, the government will provide Rs 500 a month to these children. Also, Rs. 1000 is also provided by.


The government of Uttarakhand has decided to provide orphans up to R21 000 per month until they turn 21. These children will also get discussions with the government.

Corona Orphans Scheme Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government has released the Maharashtra Corona Orphans scheme, started by Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray. According to this scheme, 5 lakh calls in the name of the child will be deposited in the state as a fixed deposit in the event of the death of one or both of his parents due to corona. All these orphans also receive financial assistance of R 1,125 per month from the government of Maharashtra.

According to the Maharashtra Covid Orphans Scheme, children under the age of 18 who lost their parents after the date of March 1, 2020, will enjoy the benefit of this scheme. According to the Maha Covid Orphans Scheme, all children can benefit from this scheme if the mother or father of a child died due to the corona epidemic or after the corona was cured. With this scheme, the Maharashtra government wants to provide financial assistance to the children orphaned by Corona. So far, about 5,000 children in Maharashtra have lost their parents due to covid 19.

PM-CARES for Children Schedule

This scheme introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives the benefit of this scheme to the Covid orphans. Financial assistance will be provided to Corona Orphans through this scheme. Children who have lost their parents due to Corona will be given financial assistance of 10 lakhs to Covid orphans through this scheme. With this help, some general conditions were also applied. Under these conditions, the Covid Orphans will be provided financial assistance for their studies up to the age of 18 years. Upon reaching the age of 23 years of Covid Orphans, financial assistance of Rs.

The education of all these children is taken care of by admitting them as day laborers in the nearest Kendriya Vidyalaya or private school. To benefit from this scheme, a list is compiled by the Ministry of Women and Child Development across the country. The government has ordered the Ministry of Women and Child Development to implement this scheme at grassroots level. Such children will soon be identified. These Corona orphans are released, even during admission to Sainik School and Navodaya Vidyalaya.

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