Gas pipeline leaks, fire, blast video and news in Gulf of Mexico

Gas from the Gulf of Mexico Gas pipeline leak, fire, blast video news and updates are here. Check out the Mexican gas pipeline’s latest updates here.

While investigating the news about the fire in the gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, we found that the news about the fire in the gas pipeline is true.

The Pemex Petrol Company, which is controlled by the Mexican government, says in the information released that a major fire over the water in the Gulf of Mexico has occurred due to the leak of the Gulf of Mexico gas pipeline.

The video of the accident released by the company is provided to you in the article below.

Gas pipeline leaks from Gulf of Mexico

During the release of the video of the Gulf of Mexico fire, Pemex Petrol Company said the fire was visible above the surface of the Gulf water due to the leak of the Gulf of Mexico Gas Pipeline .

In this fire video you see a light orange color above the surface of the bay. The main reason for this fire is a leaking gas pipeline.

The bright orange flames could be seen from afar. In this video you can see how the water surface boils due to fire and gas leaking.

The cause of the Mexican gas pipeline leak is still being investigated. Soon any official information on this may be released by Pemex Petrol Company.

The video of this Mexican gas pipeline fire spread on the internet before the fire that started on July 2, 2021 was extinguished. So far, millions of people have watched this video.

The incident is reported just a short distance from a drilling rig built by the gas company on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The fire is said to have been very dangerous as it was only 150 meters from the drilling platform.

Gas pipeline fire in Gulf of Mexico

For the latest information on the Gulf of Mexico gas pipeline gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, please click on the links in the article.

Due to the fire in Mexico’s gas pipeline, flames were visible above the surface of the water. Those who have seen this face have already brought the fire under control before it becomes more dangerous. Currently, the fire has been completely brought under control.

No one was reported dead during a fire that broke out on the surface of the sea on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The company said the fire was brought under control before it became more fatal.

The gas flow was stopped by the company immediately as soon as the Mexican gas pipeline leak was reported Friday at 5:15 p.m. As a result, there was no loss of life or property.

Rescue crews were immediately dispatched to contain the blaze that broke out near the Ku-Malub-Zap Ku-Si satellite platform.

There was uproar among the top officials as soon as the news of the leak was received on Friday at 05:15. At 10.45am, this Mexican gas pipeline fire was brought under control.

Video on gas pipeline explosion in Mexico

It took more than five hours to put out the fire in the gas pipeline. So far no one was injured or killed in the crash. Due to the prompt action of the business, there is no loss of lives or property. In the explosion video of the gas pipeline in Mexico, you can clearly see the fire on the surface of the water.

To control the fire, the company first closed the connecting valve in the pipeline, thereby stopping the flow of gas and reducing the fire. Following this, a special team ready to put out the fire was sent to put out the fire.

gulf of mexico gas pipeline leak blast

You can see in the video of the Mexican gas pipeline explosion that the water surface appears to be boiling due to the fire in the gas pipeline.

Gustavo Ampugnani of Greenpeace Mexico told the press that the incident attracted a lot of attention due to the launch of the Mexico gas pipeline explosion video. While this incident happens daily. Special steps are taken to prevent these incidents. Ku Malub Zap Pemex is responsible for more than 40% of oil production.

The Ku Malub Zap contributes significantly to the approximately 1.7 m barrels of oil produced by Pemex every day.

Mexico gas pipeline leak / fire news

Along with the Gulf of Mexico Gas Pipeline Leak News, a video has been released showing a large fire at sea level. The cause of this fire is told of the leak in the gas pipeline.

The head of Mexico’s oil safety regulator ASEA wrote in a tweet that no gas pipeline is leaking in the Gulf of Mexico. According to him, Mexico Gas Pipeline Fire News is fake. It is said that nitrogen gas was used by the firefighters present to fight these flames.

Before this incident, in 2015, four people were killed and 16 people seriously injured during an explosion on the Abkatun-e-Permanent platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Before that in 2013, 37 people had died in an explosion.

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