MP Karj Mafi List 2021 Online (Kisan) Karj Mafi Yojana List

MP Karj Mafi List 2021 online Madhya Pradesh JKRMY Jai Kisan Rin Mochan Yojana beneficiary status by district. Shri Kamal Nath, the Prime Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has announced the start of the online scheme for Jai Kisan Fasal Debt Waiver 2021, which will offer farmers forgiveness. Upon receipt of these installment papers for farmers loan after he was appointed Prime Minister, Kamal Nath Ji signed it immediately after being sent to his office. MP Jai Kisan Rin Mochan List 2021

MP Karj Mafi List 2021 Online

The state government will cancel the debt incurred for the harvest due to the implementation of the program. According to the state government, the Madhya Pradesh Debt Waiver Online Scheme 2021 was created with the aim of waiving 2 lakh loans to farmers. The outstanding crop loan will be specifically forgiven on 31 March 2018, up to the maximum amount allowed by law, in accordance with the government’s mission.

Individuals in the state who have applied for the cancellation of their agricultural loans through the Madhya Pradesh Debt Online Waiver Scheme, who have applied for and accepted the cancellation of their agricultural loans, are eligible to participate in this program . Here are the details you should be aware of now. These are the most important things you need to know now. MP JKRMY List 2021

MP Kisan Karj Mafi List 2021

Madhya Pradesh list of 2021 loan waivers

As we all know, elections to the State Assembly were recently held in four states, including Madhya Pradesh, and the results were announced. In which the Congress formed governments in three states, namely Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, the Congress accordingly instituted governments in three states. For this assembly election, Congress was able to achieve historic victory in part because of its ability to eradicate debt owed to farmers.

The election program of the Congress states that if the party wins the election, any farmer loan in states where the Congress would be in power would be wiped out within 10 days after the appointment of the party. On January 1, 2019, Shri Kamal Nath took the oath as the Chief Minister of State Madhya Pradesh. Apart from that, he promised that he would wipe out the debt of any farmer to a total of Rs 2 lakh.

िस किसान कर्ज माफ़ी लिस्ट 2021

Not only that, but the state government of Madhya Pradesh will also announce the Farwell Loan Waiver List 2020-2021 in the near future, according to the latest information. To facilitate the loan exemption program under the Jai Kisan Fasal loan rebate scheme, the Madhya Pradesh government has released a list of farmers who are district beneficiaries and who have completed a registration form under the loan exemption program.

By visiting the official website of the Farmers Welfare and Agricultural Development Department, farmers in the state who have applied for loan exemptions can download the Madhya Pradesh Debt Relief List for 2021 in PDF format (pdf list with online – excuse list). The ability to view and download a PDF file is also available.

Yojanaिस किसान ऋण मोचन योजना
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ट्टMP JKRMY Suchi 2021
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StatusMP Kisan Rin Mochan Yojana


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MP Kisan Karj Mafi Status 2021

New Kisan Loan Waiver Update

Madhya Pradesh’s Minister of Agriculture Sachin Yadav has held agricultural conferences across the country and handed over debt proof certificates to farmers in need. A debt of R50 000 on their property was forgiven during the first phase of the loan exemption program, which gave the farmers the opportunity. In the first phase of the Jai Kisan Loan Waiver program, 11 thousand farmers have forgiven their debts, and the initiative is now in the second phase.

Farmers’ agricultural debt of 36 thousand eight hundred thousand rupees was forgiven. The second round of debt has been settled for the past two months. All state-owned banks waive debt amounts up to Rs 1 lakh as part of the second phase of the loan exemption program, which is now underway. During the second phase of the project, a total of 3,749 farmers in the Tehsil are expected to forgive their agricultural loans amounting to Rs 26 crore 32 lakh.

MP Jai Kisan Karj Mafi List 2021

Jai Kisan Crop Loan Rebate – This time, following the collapse of the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP administration took control of the state, and Shivraj Singh Chouhan was appointed as the head of state. After his election as prime minister of Rajasthan, Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan Ji said that Kamal Nath had misled the people of the state. In the future, no problems with the purchase of wheat from the country’s farmers will be allowed, and the government of the country has decided. The government will buy every grain of wheat produced by the farmers wholesale.

Benefits of Madhya Pradesh Jai Kisan Crop Loan Release Scheme 2021

    • Farmers with regular loans receive an incentive of up to 25,000 rupees under this program, which enables the government to wipe out bad loans and pay off bad debts.
    • A farmer who has taken out loans from more than one bank will only have to repay the loan received by a cooperative bank under this program.

Farmers only have to repay the loan they took out for their agricultural activities under this plan.

  • Farmers’ debt of up to Rs 2 lakh will be forgiven under the MP Karj Mafi scheme of 2021, which will be implemented in phases.
  • Small and marginal farmers living in Madhya Pradesh will benefit from this program, which will be implemented in phases.
  • This program will also help the outstanding farmers, who in June 2009 counted about 35 lakh, which would be reimbursed under the scheme.
  • The Madhya Pradesh Jai Kisan Fasal Loan Waiver Scheme 2021 will not forgive farmers’ loans taken out for the purchase of agricultural equipment such as tractors, wells and other such items.
  • Loan institutions such as National Bank, Cooperative Bank and Regional Rural Bank would only waive loan payments to farmers who registered with them. In this way, a total of 41 lakh farmers received loans from the bank for about 56 thousand crores.

Kisan Karj Mafi List MP 2021

How to see MP Karj Mafi Yojana 2021?

To include their names in the 2021 MP Karj Mafi scheme, state stakeholders must follow the procedure below:

  • Applicants should visit the official website of the Department of Welfare and Agricultural Development to begin the process.
  • Once you have reached the official website, you will receive the homepage.
  • On the main page of this site you will see the option “List of farmers who benefited from the Jai Kisan Fasal loan Mafi Yojana.” Select this option from the menu.
  • At your choice, the list of beneficiaries will appear in front of you, and you can search for your name in the list according to the location of your home.
  • First of all, you should visit the official website of the scheme to find out more about it. After you arrive at the official website, the homepage is introduced to you.

On this homepage you will see the option “Contact us” which you have to select by clicking on it. After making your selection, the next page will appear in front of you.


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