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SBI Q4 results 2021 Quarterly result, Dividend Release date and time - profit

SBI Q4 Results 2021 Quarterly results, date and time for dividend issuance, profit and fall can be reviewed from this page. SBI is the largest bank in India. In the quarter 3 results, profit was down by 7%. Now investors are waiting for the SBI Quarter 4 result 2021. It is expected that SBI Q4 results 2021 will be announced after the board meeting on 21 st May 2021.

SBI Q4 results 2021

In the quarter from October to December 2020, State Bank reported a successive growth of 13.6% in net profit for a third quarter. SBI made these announcements while the results of the third quarter were announced. SBI will also make statements about its gains, growth and losses in SBI 4th ​​ th quarterly result 2021 . SBI’s quarterly results 2021 are expected to be made available on 21 st May 2021.

SBI Quarter 4 Result 2021

SBI publishes its quarterly results annually. It is up to the board to announce the result. Before announcing the results, Bank holds a meeting of BODs and discusses the gains and losses. The four quarters that SBI announces the quarterly results are as follows:

1st term April to June
2nd quarter July to September
3rd Quarter October to December
4th Quarter January to March

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SBI Quarterly Result 2021

NOTE: The results for this term have not yet been released. We will provide the SBI Q4 2021 results on this page when available.

Diluted EPS.
Quarterly results of SBI (in Rs. Cr.) DEC ’20 SEP ’20 JUN ’20
(a) Int. /Disk. on Adv / Bills 43,736,75 43,377.57 44,101.11
(b) Income from investment 20,472.07 20,253.66 18,705.48
(c) Int. on Balances With RBI 648.24 508.94 1,794.42
other 1,877,44 2 673.94 1,899.37
Other income 9,246.15 8,527,69 7,957.48
Interest spent 37,914.56 38,632.61 39,858.82
Cost of Employees 13,118.01 12 570.15 11,865.06
Other expenses 7 614.92 7 679.28 6,212,63
Operating profit before supply and contingencies 17,333.16 16,459.76 16,521.35
Provisions and contingencies 10,342.39 10,118.31 12,501,30
Exceptional items 1,539.73
P / L before tax 6 990.77 6,341.45 5,559.78
Tax 1,794.55 1,767.29 1,370.44
P / L After tax from ordinary activities 5,196,22 4,574.16 4,189.34
Net profit / (loss) for the period 5,196,22 4,574.16 4,189.34
Share capital 892.46 892.46 892.46
Reserves Excluding Revaluation Reserves
Shares Dividend Rate (%)
a)% of the share by the government. 56.92 56.92 56.92
Basic EPS 5.82 5.13 4.69
Diluted EPS 5.82 5.13 4.69
Basic EPS. 5.82 5.13 4.69
5.82 5.13 4.69
i) Gross NVG 117,244.23 125,862,99 129,660,69
ii) Net NVG 29,031,72 36 450.69 42,703,63
i)% of gross NPA 4.77 5.28 5.44
ii)% of the net NPA 1.23 1.59 1.86
Return on assets% 0.49 0.44 0.42

SBI Dividend 2021

SBI Board of Directors joins a meeting on 21 st May 2021. The meeting is held to consider and approve the final results previously audited. The financial result ends on 21 st March 2021 and the result and SBI dividend 2021 are announced for this.

When the date for the SBI Q4 results 2021 and the announcement of the dividend is announced, SBI’s share in BSE trades at 360.5 INR compared to the previous close of Rs. 367.85. SBI Dividend can also be released on 21 st May itself.

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