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Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ban in India News after new rules

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Ban in India News to new rules and policies with full reason and details. Recently, India announced new intermediary guidelines for social media platforms and asked all platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow these rules. This rule was declared in February 2021 and social media companies had three months to comply with it. The deadline ends today (25 May 2021) and none of the platforms have complied with the new policy. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram-like platforms, I am banned by this.

Ban on social media in India 2021

Now you’re probably wondering why India may ban Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Well, we have the answer. On February 25, 2021, India introduced a stronger policy for the major social media platforms like Twitter, FB, Whatsapp and Instagram, etc. set up a complaint recovery mechanism.

As this was not an easy task, the Indian government gave the social media companies three months to comply with the new policy. New policies will take effect from 26 May 2021 and social media platforms have not yet complied with them. It could therefore cause a ban on social media in large companies in India.

Facebook Ban in India – Latest News

This is a major issue for Facebook as it has not complied with the new policy. According to the reports, if Facebook does not comply by May 26, it could lose the intermediary’s protection and status. The government can also take criminal action according to the law and order in India. Companies like Facebook based in the United States have been asking for six months.

While talking to the media about the Facebook ban in India, FB spokesperson said that their aim is to comply with India’s new IT policy, and they need more support and cooperation from the Indian government. If this does not happen, Facebook will be banned in India until it complies with the new policy.

Twitter ban in Indian news

Twitter is the most well-known platform, athletes, politicians and other big guns of the community. Along with Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has also been asked for new policy compliance. According to reports, even Twitter has not revealed any details related to compliance with the new IT policy. This could soon be the reason for Twitter ban in India.

Not just celebrities or others, even government departments share news on Twitter with their handles on social media. People post their problem as a tweet and others repeat it to get it on the list by the authorities. If Twitter is banned in India, it will be a big change in the social media news platforms.

Instagram ban in India 2021

Some readers are confused as to whether Instagram will be banned in India or not. Tell us to make it clear now, Instagram is also owned by Facebook, and Facebook and Instagram have not complied with the new policy. So there is no doubt that this will lead the government to ban Instagram in India.

We hope this is not the case and these social media companies are correcting their compliance status with the government. If something causes a ban on social media in India, it will harm the social and economic societies of the country.

What do you think of the ban on social media in India? Comment below.

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