9 pet dard ki tablet ka naam ilaj | 9 stomach pain treatment tablet name | 9 पेट दर्द की टेबलेट नाम 7 घरेलू उपचार

Pet dard ki tablet ka name ilaj stomach pain friends stomach pain is such a problem in which the whole body becomes restless, understand what medicine to take in this stomach pain, the name of children’s stomach pain medicine, stomach pain and gas medicine stomach Pain capsule name of gas tablet What to eat in stomach pain Mantra for stomach pain English medicine name for gas We are not able to sit comfortably or do any work Home remedies for stomach pain in children

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Well, many times people take medication for stomach pain that is not good for our body, in such a situation I am going to tell you some home remedies that will be very beneficial for the treatment of stomach pain.

9 stomach pain home remedies | 9 पेट दर्द का घरेलू उपचार

9 pet dard ki tablet ka naam ilaj

9 pet dard ki tablet ke naam ilaj

Pomegranate | अनार 

Pomegranate contains many beneficial ingredients. If there is pain in the stomach due to gas, then take pomegranate seeds with black salt, it will give you relief.

Mint | पुदीना 

Chew mint leaves or boil 4 to 5 leaves with a cup of water. Let the water become lukewarm and then eat up.

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Ginger | अदरक 

How to put ginger in tea. Bring to a good boil and then add milk. Its use provides relief from pain.

Fenugreek seeds | मेथी दाना

Roast the fenugreek seeds a little and then grind them to make powder. Take it with warm water. Keep in mind that the fenugreek seeds should not be overcooked and the water should not be too hot.

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Lemon juice | नींबू का रस 

Mix black salt with lemon juice and add half a cup of water. Stomach pain will subside within minutes of drinking it.

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aloe juice | ऐलोवेरा जूस 

Aloe vera juice gives great relief in stomach pain due to reasons like gas, constipation, diarrhea. Half a cup of aloe juice relieves pain from burning in your stomach.

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Hajmola | हाजमोला

Hajmola Tablet is Ayurvedic Tablet. it is a great tablet to avoid stomach problem and you can also take this in stomach pain.

Hingoli | हिंगोली

Take 2 Tablets after heavy lunch or dinner or 1 tablet for children to stay healthy and to avoid any stomach problems.

Limca / Eno Sachet / लिम्का

Limca or 1 Eno Sachet gives relief from stomach pain that is basically from gas, diarrhea. Take a 250 ml of Limca to keep stomach pain away.

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