UP election schedule 2022 updates : Voting will be held in 7 phases in Uttar Pradesh, know where the votes will be from 403 seats

UP election schedule: Voting will be held in 7 phases in Uttar Pradesh, know where the votes will be from 403 seats. The Electoral Commission announced the Uttar Pradesh Vidhansabha 2022 Election (UP Vidhansabha Chunav 2022). Voting will be held in 7 phases in Uttar Pradesh. Know from what date the nomination process for 403 meeting seats will begin. Along with that, complete information regarding examination, nomination, date of election and counting of votes.

UP election schedule 2022

UP Election Schedule 2022 Updates : The dates for the Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election-2022 (UP Assembly Election 2022) has been announced. The Electoral Commission announced the dates for the elections by holding a press conference on Saturday. Chief Electoral Commissioner Sushil Chandra has informed that elections will be held in 7 phases in Uttar Pradesh. Voting will be held in UP during these phases on 10 February, 14 February, 20 February, 23 February, 27 February, 3 March and 7 March. The election results will be available on March 10. The first phase will move from the districts of western Uttar Pradesh and gradually the caravan will move to eastern Uttar Pradesh and end. This time the elections in UP will also start from Western UP as last time. The last phase will be in Purvanchal. Voting will take place in 58 seats in the first phase and 64 in the last phase.

    Up Election 2022 Date

    Apart from this, the Electoral Commission called on all parties to place more emphasis on digital election campaign. In light of the current situation of Corona, the commission said that there will be no padyatra, roadshow, cycling, bike rally until January 15th. The Electoral Commission will take a further decision in light of Kovid's situation.

    BJP's list may come in a day or two.

    Meanwhile, the BJP election committee is meeting for four days in Delhi. It is announced that the list of candidates for the first and second phase can be released within one to two days. It was previously discussed that tickets of 100 BJP MPs could be cut, but now the names of 40 MPs are on the list. Sources say that Amit Shah was against the indiscriminate cutting of tickets from BJP MPs.

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    If you talk about

    the election dates, then the first phase of voting will be held in UP on 10 February. On the other hand, the second phase on 14 February, the third phase on 22 February, the fourth on 23 February, the fifth on 27 February, the sixth on 3 March and the other on 7 March. The election results will be announced on March 10.

    Election in Uttar Pradesh  - 7 Phases

    1st phase

    notice on January 14

    January 21 last date nomination

    vote on 10 February

    second phase

    January 21 notice

    January 28 last date nomination

    Vote February 14

    Third phase

    January 25 notice

    February 1 last date nomination

    vote on 20 February

    Fourth phase

    January 27 notice

    February 3 last date nomination

    vote on 23 February

    Fifth Phase

    1st February Notice

    8th February Last Date Nominations

    Voting on 27 February

    Sixth Phase

    February 3 Notice

    11 February Last Date Nominations

    Voting on March 3

    Seventh Phase

    Nomination on February 10

    February 17 Last Date Nomination

    Voting March 7

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    UP Election 2022 List

    The struggle of the municipal election in Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh election 2022) sounded. These elections for the 403-seat 18th Assembly will be held between February and March. The term of the 17th Assembly (UP Assembly) is until 15 May. Prior to that, elections for 403 seats for the 17th Assembly were held in 7 phases from February 11 to March 8, 2017. About 61 percent of voters exercised their right to vote. Of these, more than 63 percent were women, while the percentage was men about 60 percent. In the election, BJP won 312 seats for the first time and gained a three-fourths majority in the UP Vidhansabha. At the same time, the Samajwadi Party and the Congress Alliance led by Akhilesh Yadav can win 54 seats. Apart from this, the BSP of Mayawati, who was several times prime minister in the state, was reduced to 19 seats. This time the direct match is between Samajwadi Party and BJP. BJP contested the election by highlighting the faces of Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    Election in UP 2022 List

    Seat NumberAssembly seat nameDistrictElection date
    1behatSaharanpur14th February
    2nakurSaharanpur14th February
    3Saharanpur NagarSaharanpur14th February
    4SaharanapurSaharanpur14th February
    5DeobandSaharanpur14th February
    6Rampur ManiharanSaharanpur14th February
    7GangohSaharanpur14th February
    8KaraanaShamli10th February
    9Police stationShamli10th February
    10ShamliShamli10th February
    11BudhanaMuzaffarnagar10th February
    12ChathavalMuzaffarnagar10th February
    13PuricultureMuzaffarnagar10th February
    14MuzaffarnagarMuzaffarnagar10th February
    15khatauliMuzaffarnagar10th February
    16MeirpurMuzaffarnagar10th February
    17NajibabadBijnor14th February
    18gem stoneBijnor14th February
    19BarhpurBijnor14th February
    20DhampurBijnor14th February
    21NehicaurBijnor14th February
    22BijnorBijnor14th February
    23ChandpurBijnor14th February
    24NurpurBijnor14th February
    25ChantMoradabad14th February
    26ThakurdwaraMoradabad14th February
    27Moradabad ruralMoradabad14th February
    28Moradabad NagarMoradabad14th February
    29kunkardiMoradabad14th February
    30BilaryMoradabad14th February
    31ChandausiCareful14th February
    32InsoleCareful14th February
    33CarefulCareful14th February
    34SwarRampur14th February
    35ChamberwaRampur14th February
    36BilaspurRampur14th February
    37RampurRampur14th February
    38MilkRampur14th February
    39DhanuraAmroha14th February
    40NeighborhoodAmroha14th February
    41AmrohaAmroha14th February
    42HassanpurAmroha14th February
    43SelfMeerut10th February
    44SadhanaMeerut10th February
    45HastinapurMeerut10th February
    46KithaurMeerut10th February
    47Meerut CanttMeerut10th February
    48MeerutMeerut10th February
    49Meerut SouthMeerut10th February
    50ChhaparuliBaghpat10th February
    51BadoutBaghpat10th February
    52BaghpatBaghpat10th February
    53LoniGhaziabad10th February
    54MuradnagarGhaziabad10th February
    55SahibabadGhaziabad10th February
    56GhaziabadGhaziabad10th February
    57ModinagarGhaziabad10th February
    58dhaulanaHapur10th February
    59HapurHapur10th February
    60GarhmukteshwarHapur10th February
    61NoidaGautam Buddha Nagar10th February
    62DadriGautam Buddha Nagar10th February
    63Jewel#VALUE!10th February
    64secunderabadBulandshahr10th February
    65BulandshahrBulandshahr10th February
    66SyaanaBulandshahr10th February
    67AnupshahrBulandshahr10th February
    68DibaiBulandshahr10th February
    69shikarpurBulandshahr10th February
    70DurjaBulandshahr10th February
    71khairAligarh10th February
    72BarauliAligarh10th February
    73AtrauliAligarh10th February
    74ChalraAligarh10th February
    75kolAligarh10th February
    76AligarhAligarh10th February
    77IglasAligarh10th February
    78HathrasHathras20th February
    79SadabadHathras20th February
    80Sikanandra RaoHathras20th February
    81chhataMathura10th February
    82MantMathura10th February
    83GovardhanMathura10th February
    84MathuraMathura10th February
    85BaldevMathura10th February
    86EtmadpurAgra10th February
    87Agra CanttAgra10th February
    88Agra SouthAgra10th February
    89Agra NorthAgra10th February
    90Agra RuralAgra10th February
    91Fatehpur SikriAgra10th February
    92KhairgarhAgra10th February
    93FatehabadAgra10th February
    94BahAgra10th February
    95TundlaFirozabad20th February
    96JassanaFirozabad20th February
    97FirozabadFirozabad20th February
    98ShikohabadFirozabad20th February
    99SyraseaganjFirozabad20th February
    100KasganjKasganj20th February
    101AmanpurKasganj20th February
    102PatialaliKasganj20th February
    103AliganjEta20th February
    104EtaEta20th February
    105TearEta20th February
    106JalesarEta20th February
    107MainpuriMainpuri20th February
    108BhongaonMainpuri20th February
    109khishniMainpuri20th February
    110KarahalMainpuri20th February
    111GunnaurBadayun14th February
    112BisauliBadayun14th February
    113SahasavBadayun14th February
    114BillsBadayun14th February
    115BadayunBadayun14th February
    116ShekhupurBadayun14th February
    117DataganjBadayun14th February
    118BahreiBareilly14th February
    119MirganjBareilly14th February
    120BhojipuraBareilly14th February
    121NawabganjBareilly14th February
    122FaridpurBareilly14th February
    123Bithari ChainpurBareilly14th February
    124Bareilly cityBareilly14th February
    125Bareilly CanttBareilly14th February
    126GooseberryBareilly14th February
    127PilibhitPilibhitFebruary 23
    128BarkhedaPilibhitFebruary 23
    129PuranpurPilibhitFebruary 23
    130BisalpurPilibhitFebruary 23
    131katraShahjahanpur14th February
    132JalalabadShahjahanpur14th February
    133TilharShahjahanpur14th February
    134PubiaShahjahanpur14th February
    135ShahjahanpurShahjahanpur14th February
    136dadraulShahjahanpur14th February
    137PalliaLakhimpur KheeriFebruary 23
    138nighasanLakhimpur KheeriFebruary 23
    139Gola GokarnathLakhimpur KheeriFebruary 23
    140SrinagarLakhimpur KheeriFebruary 23
    141DahrahraLakhimpur KheeriFebruary 23
    142LakhimpurLakhimpur KheeriFebruary 23
    143kastaLakhimpur KheeriFebruary 23
    144MohammadiLakhimpur KheeriFebruary 23
    145MaholiSitapurFebruary 23
    146SitapurSitapurFebruary 23
    147HargaonSitapurFebruary 23
    148leharpurSitapurFebruary 23
    149biswanSitapurFebruary 23
    150sewtaSitapurFebruary 23
    151MahmudabadSitapurFebruary 23
    152SidhuliSitapurFebruary 23
    153michrikhSitapurFebruary 23
    154SavayajpurHardoiFebruary 23
    155ShahabadHardoiFebruary 23
    156HardoiHardoiFebruary 23
    157GopamauHardoiFebruary 23
    158SandyHardoiFebruary 23
    159Bilgram-MaliaavHardoiFebruary 23
    160BalamauHardoiFebruary 23
    161SidelaHardoiFebruary 23
    162BangaramauUnnaoFebruary 23
    163ShuffipurUnnaoFebruary 23
    164MohanUnnaoFebruary 23
    165UnnaoUnnaoFebruary 23
    166Bhagwant NagarUnnaoFebruary 23
    167PurvaUnnaoFebruary 23
    168MalihabadLucknowFebruary 23
    169Bakhshi pondLucknowFebruary 23
    170Sarojini NagarLucknowFebruary 23
    171Lucknow WestLucknowFebruary 23
    172Lucknow AnswerLucknowFebruary 23
    173LucknowLucknowFebruary 23
    174Lucknow middleLucknowFebruary 23
    175Lucknow CanttLucknowFebruary 23
    176Mohanlal GanjLucknowFebruary 23
    177BachhravanRae BareliFebruary 23
    178TiloiRae BareliFebruary 27
    179HarchandpurRae BareliFebruary 23
    180Rae BareliRae BareliFebruary 23
    181SalonRae BareliFebruary 27
    182SiraineRae BareliFebruary 23
    183unchaharRae BareliFebruary 23
    184JagdishpurAmethiFebruary 27
    185GauriganjAmethiFebruary 27
    186AmethiAmethiFebruary 27
    187IsauliSultanpurFebruary 27
    188SultanpurSultanpurFebruary 27
    189Sultanpur SadarSultanpurFebruary 27
    190LambhoeSultanpurFebruary 27
    191KadipurSultanpurFebruary 27
    192KamganjFarrukhabad20th February
    193AmritpurFarrukhabad20th February
    194FarrukhabadFarrukhabad20th February
    195BhojpurFarrukhabad20th February
    196ChiramauKannauj20th February
    197TirvaKannauj20th February
    198KannaujKannauj20th February
    199JasvantnagarEtawah20th February
    200EtawahEtawah20th February
    201bharthanaEtawah20th February
    202bidhunaAuraiya20th February
    203DebiyapurAuraiya20th February
    204AuraiyaAuraiya20th February
    205RasulabadKanpur Country20th February
    206Akbarpur RaniaKanpur Country20th February
    207SikandraKanpur Country20th February
    208BhoginipurKanpur Country20th February
    209BilahoreKanpur Nagar20th February
    210BithurKanpur Nagar20th February
    211KalyanpurKanpur Nagar20th February
    212Govind NagarKanpur Nagar20th February
    213ShishamauKanpur Nagar20th February
    214ArynagarKanpur Nagar20th February
    215Kidwai NagarKanpur Nagar20th February
    216Kanpur CantonmentKanpur Nagar20th February
    217MaharajpurKanpur Nagar20th February
    218GhatampurKanpur Nagar20th February
    219MadhoghJalon20th February
    220KalpiJalon20th February
    221UriJalon20th February
    222BabinaJhansi20th February
    223Jhansi NagarJhansi20th February
    224Maurani PurJhansi20th February
    225GoraathaJhansi20th February
    226LalitpurLalitpur20th February
    227MehroniLalitpur20th February
    228HamirpurLalitpur20th February
    229RathLalitpur20th February
    230MahobaMahoba20th February
    231ChurnerMahoba20th February
    232TindwariTo tieFebruary 23
    233BarberuTo tieFebruary 23
    234NaranyTo tieFebruary 23
    235baandaaTo tieFebruary 23
    236ChitrakootTo tieFebruary 27
    237ManikpurTo tieFebruary 27
    238JehanabadFatehpurFebruary 23
    239BindkiFatehpurFebruary 23
    240FatehpurFatehpurFebruary 23
    241Ayah ShahFatehpurFebruary 23
    242HussainganjFatehpurFebruary 23
    243khagaFatehpurFebruary 23
    244rampur khaasPratapgarhFebruary 27
    245BabaganjPratapgarhFebruary 27
    246kundaPratapgarhFebruary 27
    247Vishwanath GanjPratapgarhFebruary 27
    248PratapgarhPratapgarhFebruary 27
    249pattiPratapgarhFebruary 27
    250RaniganjPratapgarhFebruary 27
    251SirathuKaashambiFebruary 27
    252ManjhanpurKaashambiFebruary 27
    253ChaleKaashambiFebruary 27
    254PhaphamauPrayagrajFebruary 27
    255SouranvPrayagrajFebruary 27
    256PhulpurPrayagrajFebruary 27
    257PratappurPrayagrajFebruary 27
    258HundiaPrayagrajFebruary 27
    259mejaPrayagrajFebruary 27
    260karchhanaPrayagrajFebruary 27
    261Allahabad westPrayagrajFebruary 27
    262Allahabad NorthPrayagrajFebruary 27
    263Allahabad SouthPrayagrajFebruary 27
    264BaraPrayagrajFebruary 27
    265KaronPrayagrajFebruary 27
    266kursiBarabankiFebruary 27
    267RamnagarBarabankiFebruary 27
    268BarabankiBarabankiFebruary 27
    269JadpurBarabankiFebruary 27
    270DariabadBarabankiFebruary 27
    271RudauliAyodhyaFebruary 27
    272HadargarhBarabankiFebruary 27
    273MilakipurAyodhyaFebruary 27
    274BeakapurAyodhyaFebruary 27
    275AyodhyaAyodhyaFebruary 27
    276GosinganjAyodhyaFebruary 27
    277KatriAmbedkarnagarMarch 3
    278TendaAmbedkarnagarMarch 3
    279AalapurAmbedkarnagarMarch 3
    280JalalpurAmbedkarnagarMarch 3
    281AkbarpurAmbedkarnagarMarch 3
    282balhaBahraichFebruary 27
    283NanparaBahraichFebruary 27
    284materaBahraichFebruary 27
    285mehsiBahraichFebruary 27
    286BahraichBahraichFebruary 27
    287PyagpurBahraichFebruary 27
    288CaesarganjBahraichFebruary 27
    289bhingaShravastiFebruary 27
    290ShravastiShravastiFebruary 27
    291TulsipurBalrampurMarch 3
    292GansariBalrampurMarch 3
    293utraulaBalrampurMarch 3
    294BalrampurBalrampurMarch 3
    295mehnonGondaFebruary 27
    296GondaGondaFebruary 27
    297Katra marketGondaFebruary 27
    298ColnelganjGondaFebruary 27
    299TarbganjGondaFebruary 27
    300MonkapurGondaFebruary 27
    301GauraGondaFebruary 27
    302ShoharatgarhSiddharth NagarMarch 3
    303CapilvastuSiddharth NagarMarch 3
    304BansiSiddharth NagarMarch 3
    305ItaSiddharth NagarMarch 3
    306DumeriganjSiddharth NagarMarch 3
    307haraiyacolonyMarch 3
    308kaptaanganjcolonyMarch 3
    309RudhulicolonyMarch 3
    310Basti SadarcolonyMarch 3
    311MahadevacolonyMarch 3
    312mehndawalSant Kabir NagarMarch 3
    313KhalilabadSant Kabir NagarMarch 3
    314DhangataSant Kabir NagarMarch 3
    315FarendaMaharajganjMarch 3
    316NautanthMaharajganjMarch 3
    317SisawaMaharajganjMarch 3
    318MaharajganjMaharajganjMarch 3
    319PaniyaraMaharajganjMarch 3
    320CamperganjGorakhpurMarch 3
    321PiparichGorakhpurMarch 3
    322Gorakhpur urbanGorakhpurMarch 3
    323Gorakhpurural ruralGorakhpurMarch 3
    324sehjanwaGorakhpurMarch 3
    325khajniGorakhpurMarch 3
    326BansgaonGorakhpurMarch 3
    327ChaurichoraGorakhpurMarch 3
    328ChiluparGorakhpurMarch 3
    329PadunaKushinagarMarch 3
    330khaddaKushinagarMarch 3
    331Tamkuhi RajKushinagarMarch 3
    332FazilnagarKushinagarMarch 3
    333KushinagarKushinagarMarch 3
    334HataKushinagarMarch 3
    335RamkolaKushinagarMarch 3
    336RudrapurDeoriaMarch 3
    337DeoriaDeoriaMarch 3
    338PathardevaDeoriaMarch 3
    339Rampur ManufactoryDeoriaMarch 3
    340bhatpar raniDeoriaMarch 3
    341SalempurDeoriaMarch 3
    342BarahazDeoriaMarch 3
    343AleauliaAzamgarhMarch 7
    344GopalpurAzamgarhMarch 7
    345SagariDeoriaMarch 7
    346MubarakurAzamgarhMarch 7
    347AzamgarhAzamgarhMarch 7
    348NizamabadAzamgarhMarch 7
    349Phulpur PowaiAzamgarhMarch 7
    350DeedarganjAzamgarhMarch 7
    351LalganjAzamgarhMarch 7
    352MohnagarAzamgarhMarch 7
    353madhubanMauMarch 7
    354GhosiMauMarch 7
    355MohammedabadMauMarch 7
    356MauMauMarch 7
    357belthra roadBaliyaMarch 3
    358rasrhaBaliyaMarch 3
    359sikanderpurBaliyaMarch 3
    360fefnaBaliyaMarch 3
    361Ballia NagarBaliyaMarch 3
    362BansadihBaliyaMarch 3
    363BariaBaliyaMarch 3
    364BadlapurJaunpurMarch 7
    365ShahganjJaunpurMarch 7
    366JaunpurJaunpurMarch 7
    367MalhaniJaunpurMarch 7
    368Mungara BadshahpurJaunpurMarch 7
    369macchlishahrJaunpurMarch 7
    370MudiyaauJaunpurMarch 7
    371ZafarabadJaunpurMarch 7
    372KarakatJaunpurMarch 7
    373jakhniyanGajipurMarch 7
    374SaidpurGajipurMarch 7
    375Ghazipur SadarGajipurMarch 7
    376JangipurGajipurMarch 7
    377JahurabadGajipurMarch 7
    378MohammardabadGajipurMarch 7
    379jamniaGajipurMarch 7
    380MughalsaraiChandauliMarch 7
    381SakaldahChandauliMarch 7
    382SidrajaChandauliMarch 7
    383ChakiaChandauliMarch 7
    384PindraVaranasiMarch 7
    385AjgaraVaranasiMarch 7
    386ShivpurVaranasiMarch 7
    387RohaniaVaranasiMarch 7
    388Varanasi northernVaranasiMarch 7
    389Varanasi southernVaranasiMarch 7
    390Varanasi CanttVaranasiMarch 7
    391sevapuriVaranasiMarch 7
    392BhadohiBhadohiMarch 7
    393GyanpurBhadohiMarch 7
    394auraiBhadohiMarch 7
    395chhanbeMirzapurMarch 7
    396MirzapurMirzapurMarch 7
    397majhhwanMirzapurMarch 7
    398ChunarMirzapurMarch 7
    399manihanMirzapurMarch 7
    400GhorwalSonbhadraMarch 7
    401RobertsganjSonbhadraMarch 7
    402ObaraSonbhadraMarch 7
    403duddiSonbhadraMarch 7

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