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After vaccinating students and preventing the COVID-19 third wave, reopen the schools in India

We normally talk about the economy and growth rate when we talk about the nearly 17-month-old pandemic horrors in India, as well as the loss of lives, jobs, and livelihoods, the worst-affected industries, the government’s lack of substantial financial help, and other issues.

Reopen The Schools | Gunotsav

Taking into account all such factors the schools must be reopened as soon as possible, and some states are actively thinking about this taking the parents into confidence.

We salute the millions of parents for handling their children inside the four walls doing everything possible to keep them mentally stable, providing them time and facilities, feeding them well, and allowing them for the occasional recreation activities whenever respective colonies and societies ease up the restrictions of walking, cycling and playing in the campus or in the parks as per the situation of the infections.

The loss suffered by the students is huge, considering their isolation, lack of personal interaction with friends and teachers, and an almost bleak future looming ahead as regards their future admissions and educational choices and pursuits. 

Some educationists have suggested various measures like dividing a class into groups for taking classes at different points of time since most of the teachers have to attend the schools daily, and they claim that if gyms, bars & restaurants, cinema halls, markets, public transport (only partially in most states) and offices can be reopened why not schools.

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