McDonald will now sell masala Kadak Tea & Turmeric Milk for immunity boosters

McDonald’s India is currently zeroing in on-resistance boosting. It has added two items in particular Turmeric Wala Doodh and Masala Kadak Chai to its McCafé menu. Both these items will be accessible at McCafé outlets in India.

McDonald’s runs 305 outlets in India

This franchisee runs 305 McDonald’s eateries in 42 urban areas of India. It has been said that turmeric milk will be an item. This is an item with a remarkable curve. Ayurvedic meds have been utilized in this. This item will be helpful for all sicknesses like hack, hack, cold.

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients

Turmeric, according to the business, plays an important function in increasing immunity. Additionally, this product contains nutrients such as cardamom and saffron. The body receives rapid vigor from milk infused with herbs and spices. Masala Kadak Chai has been offered to Indian clients via the lens of love and emotion.

mc donals new product in india
McDonald New Product in India – Masala Tea

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