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Krsnaa IPO Allocation Status, GMP Today, Share Price

Krsnaa IPO Allocation Status, GMP Today, share price, grant date can be checked here. get Krsnaa IPO Allocation Status and Gray Market Premium from here. From Wednesday, 11 August, Krsnaa Diagnostics will finalize the basis for its allocation. The company sold its IPO for R 1,213 million between 4 and 6 August. There are two ways to check what we talked about in this article. Table of Contents 1 Krsnaa IPO Assignment Status 1.1 When is the award date for Krsnaa IPO? 1.2 How can I check the grant status of Krsnaa -IPO? 1.3 Krsnna IPO Assignment Status on BSE Website 1.4 Check Krsnna IPO Assignment Status on KFintech 1.5 Krsnaa Diagnostics IPO GMP – gray market price 1.6 More about Krsnaa Diagnostics 1.7 Financial profile of the company 1.8 Strengths of the enterprise Krsnaa IPO Assignment Status At the end of the subscription period, Krsnaa Diagnostics’ initial public offering was subscribed approximately 64.40 times. Bids worth 43,693 million rupees were received at the top of

Nuvoco Vistas IPO Allocation Status, GMP Today, Share Price

Nuvoco Vistas IPO GMP Today, price, share price, review and allotment status are here. Get the Nuvoco IPO gray market price here. Nuvoco Vistas is a limited company and is part of the Nirma Group of Companies. It is one of the largest cement companies in India and has a range of products. The products of Nuvoco Vistas include mixed concrete, cement, wall paint, blocks, plaster and more. Table of Contents 1 Nuvoco Vistas IPO GMP 1.1 Nuvoco Vistas IPO Assignment Status 1.2 Nuvoco IPO Important Dates 1.3 How to apply for Nuvaco Vistas IPO 1.4 Why invest in Nuvoco Vistas IPO Nuvoco Vistas IPO GMP Nupoco Vistas sells its products in both trading and non-trading segments. It currently has 15969 traders and 225 CFAs. The total capacity of cement plants is 22.32 MMTPA, which is very high. We will discuss Nuvoco Vistas IPO GMP, share price and allotment details on this page. The Nuvoco Vistas IPO shares will open on 9 th August 2021 and you will be available to invest in them. On this pa

You Can Now Use Google Pay to Do FD. Get a max interest rate of 6.35% and a min 3.5%

Google is going to launch a new service “ FD (Fixed Deposit) ” on their widely used payment APP “Google Pay” . Google Pay users can do FD through Google Pay as well and get a good interest rate on return. Gpay has 1.5 Crores (15 Million) active users per month. Google Pay will provide the option to their users to do FD. In this way, customers can do multiple activities like do payment and FD on the same platform. For this new service, Google made a partnership with fintech company “Setu” . Understand Interest Rates In the beginning, Google Pay will provide FD of “ Equitas Small Finance Bank “. Users will get a maximum interest rate of 6.35% and a minimum interest charge of 3.5% per year. What will be required to do FD on Google Pay? If users want to do FD on Google Pay then KYC must be completed. KYC will be Aadhaar Card (UIDAI) based activation. Users will get the option to complete KYC through OTP and Aadhar Card Number. Later Gpay users will get FD service from “ Ujjivan Small

What exactly is a SIP, SIP investments, Best sip plan

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a monthly mutual fund investment that helps you create money and achieve your life goals. Table of Contents 1 SIP Calculator 2 Investment in Sip is Safe or Not 3 Investment in sip is tax free 4 Investment in Gold vs SIP 5 Investment in sip is good or bad 6 Why SIP is better 7 Why SIP is better than FD 8 Best SIP plan SIP Calculator Monthly investment 32000 Interest Rate 14 Interest compounding MonthlyQuarterlyHalf-yearlyYearly Period (months) 10 Reset Submit Maturity value SIP Calculator Investment in Sip is Safe or Not SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is a very safe way to invest in mutual funds. You may wind up paying a very high price for a mutual fund if you invest in it in a lump sum, depending on market conditions. When you invest in a SIP, you don’t have to worry about market timing. You invest a tiny amount of money every month in a SIP. Investment in sip is tax free SIP is the best method to save taxes under 80C. SIPs can be a gre

WB Student Credit Card Scheme Apply Online, Amount, Registration

WB Student Credit Card Scheme applies online, amount, registration news and latest updates are here. Get the West Bengal credit card Yojana details here. Full information on the application process of the WB Student Credit Card Scheme is given to you in the article. Through this information you can benefit from this scheme started by the Government of West Bengal. Table of Contents 1 WB Student Credit Card Scheme 1.1 WB Student Credit Card Yojana 1.2 WB Student Credit Card Apply Online 1.3 Students in West Bengal Credit Card Required Documents 1.4 World Student Credit Card Eligibility 1.5 World Student Credit Card Amount WB Student Credit Card Scheme What are the qualification requirements that are met to benefit from this scheme? The article also gives you information. The application process for this scheme started today. Through this scheme, the government will easily provide tuition loans to promising students. World Student Credit Card Scheme was immediately implemented by t

Aptus Value IPO GMP Today, Share Price, Allocation Status and Dates

Aptus Value IPO GMP Today, share price, allotment status and dates can now be viewed from this page. Get the pricing details of Aptus Value IPO GMP, Allotment and Gray Market here. On August 10, 2021, Aptus Value IPO GMP will be publicly available. Per share, the company is offering shares at a price range of Rs 346-353. And in this article, we cover everything about it, such as Aptus Value IPO, share price, allotment dates, etc. Table of Contents 1 Aptus Value IPO GMP 1.1 Aptus Value IPO Assignment 1.2 Aptus Value IPO Opening Date 1.3 Aptus Value IPO Share Price 1.4 Aptus Housing Finance IPO Issue Size 1.5 Reserved quota for institutions 1.6 Aptus Value IPO Allotment Finalization Date 1.7 Aptus Value Company Strengths 1.7.1 Final words Aptus Value IPO GMP The business has a business to offer loans to individuals buying homes, as well as to offer loans against properties. Approximately 6,45,90,695 equity shares are made available through the exchange. A total of 2.780 million