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How to vote for big brother titans ?

Voting for contestants in this show typically occurs during eviction ceremonies, where viewers have the opportunity to vote for their favorite houseguest to keep them in the game. Here's how you can vote for "Big Brother Titans": Step1 : Visit the official "Big Brother" website: You can find the latest information on how to vote for contestants on the official "Big Brother" website. Step 2 : Use the CBS All Access App: You can download the CBS All Access app and vote for your favorite houseguest directly through the app. Step 3 : Vote via text message: Some seasons of "Big Brother" allow viewers to vote via text message. Information on how to vote by text message will be provided during the show. Please note that the voting process may vary by season and by country, so be sure to check the official "Big Brother" website or your local broadcaster for the most up-to-date information on how to vote. More About Big Brother Titans "