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Two People Fall from a Plane in Kabul (Afghanistan) – Video is Horrorizing

Two People fell from a plane in Kabul, Afghanistan. The video is horrifying. You can see the video of two people falling from an Afghan Airplane. The Taliban are occupying Afghanistan and disturbing news and images are coming from different parts of Kabul. Today, we saw a video in which Afghans were trying to flee the country by clinging on to their planes. The airport scene was chaotic.

Two People Fall from a Plane in Kabul

According to reports, several people have been killed at the airport as they tried to flee Afghanistan. Another video shows two people being thrown from an Airplane. This was truly heartbreaking and terrifying.

These two men may have felt the plane’s undercarriage while it was leaving Afghanistan. This video shows the departure of a plane from Kabul’s airport. Two people fell from the plane as it was ascending in altitude.

People fell from an airplane in afganistana

Video of people falling from plane in Kabul

Locals recorded the video and uploaded it to the internet. The entire world is shocked at the way the Afghan people are dealing with the situation.

We have embedded a video that shows exactly what happened and who fell from the plane.

We are heartbroken by the events in Afghanistan. We pray for peace and comfort in Afghanistan.

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